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ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference: Vancouver, 2008
Delegates: Alternate Hotel Information

First, a note about the Westin Bayshore hotel availability (just in case that's the reason you're seeking alternate accommodation): The current Web site of Westin is not very intelligent in dealing with a time period. If there is a single day within a period that the hotel is sold out for the conference rate, then the whole period is returned as "sold out". The hotel still has rooms left from June 8th to 13th, particularly from the 9th to 12th. Please call the hotel by phone to find out the non-conference rate for other days.

Besides the Westin Bayshore hotel, which hosts the conference meeting rooms, and the university residence suites on the campus of the University of British Columbia--both of which are listed on our other SIGMOD Web pages--there are a number of other hotels near the conference site. This certainly does not represent all of the hotels in downtown Vancouver, just some of the more convenient ones, which many conference delegates may find quite appropriate for their stay. You can check the Internet for hotels not listed here.

Their names, locations, and approximate prices are listed below. Please contact the hotels directly to confirm the rate and availability, and to make your reservation. SIGMOD has not reserved blocks of rooms at any of the following hotels, and has not negotiated any conference rates with these hotels. Thus, the following prices are for comparison only. Please check the hotels' Web pages for the latest information.

(a) Some mid-tier hotels within about 1.5 kilometres (i.e., 0.95 miles) of the Westin Bayshore ... in approximately increasing distance from the SIGMOD site:

Empire Landmark Hotel (1400 Robson Street, near Broughton Street; 0.5 km away)... 3 star, $170+

Blue Horizon Hotel (1225 Robson Street, near Bute Street; 0.8 km away)... $169+

Coast Plaza Hotel & Suites (near the intersection of Denman & Comox; 1.0 km away) ... 4 star, $179+

Days Inn (921 West Pender, near the intersection of Burrard & Hornby; 1.1 km away)... $219+

Best Western Sands Vancouver Hotel by the Sea (Davie & Denman, English Bay; 1.3 km away) ... $132+

Sylvia Hotel (Denman & Gilford, beside English Bay; 1.4 km away) ... $110-195

(b) More expensive hotels, but within a kilometre or so from the conference site ... in approximately increasing distance.

Note: There may be a broad range of rates, even within the same hotel.

Marriott Renaissance Harbourside Hotel (1133 West Hastings, a few blocks from the Westin Bayshore; 0.5 km away)...4 star, $319+

Pacific Palisades Hotel (1277 Robson Street, near Bute Street; 0.7 km away) ... $250+

Fairmont Hotel Vancouver (at the intersection of Georgia & Burrard Street; 0.8 km away)... 4 star, $369+

Pan Pacific Hotel (at the waterfront, at the foot of Howe Street; 0.9 km away)... 5 star, $271+

Fairmont Waterfront Hotel (at the waterfront, at the foot of Howe Street; 0.9 km away)... 4 star, $389+

Sutton Place Hotel (near the intersection of Burrard & Robson Streets; 1.0 km away)... 5 star, $240+

Metropolitan Hotel (645 Howe Street, near Dunsmuir Street; 1.2 km away) ... 4 star, $221+

(c) In North Vancouver (across the Lions Gate Bridge, in North Vancouver near the Major Intersection of Marine Drive & Capilano Road). These hotels are cheaper than downtown Vancouver hotels, but not within walking distance. They are nice mid-tier motor hotels that are popular with many guests to Vancouver and the North Shore. To get from any of these to the SIGMOD conference site, you can either drive, take a taxi, or take a public bus (recommended because of potentially heavy/congested bridge traffic during rush hours). There are several buses that go to downtown Vancouver from Capilano Road and Marine Drive in North Vancouver. Get off the bus at the intersection of Georgia and Cardero Streets (ask the bus driver ... but it's one of the first few stops after going across the Lions Gate Bridge and through Stanley Park). On the way back, get on any North Vancouver bus (not West Vancouver bus) heading west/north that stops at Georgia & Cardero. Ask the driver, if in doubt.

Grouse Inn (1633 Capilano Road, 80 units) ... $99

Best Western Capilano Inn & Suites (1634 Capilano Road, 74 units) ... $149

Comfort Inn & Suites (1748 Capilano Road, 94 units) ... $134

North Vancouver Hotel (1800 Capilano Road, 72 units) ... 2 star, $119

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