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Transportation to Conference Venue and Hotels

To/From the airport. To get between Vancouver International Airport and the Conference/hotel Site, check SIGMOD's Airport Web page.

Driving. If you are travelling by car to the conference site, a map is available here. Note that parking is available in the Westin Bayshore's parkade (about $15 for the day (until 6pm), and another $8 if you are staying for the evening).

Other hotels. There are several hotels within 4-8 blocks of the hotel, and many more hotels throughout the rest of downtown Vancouver, and beyond. If you are staying at another hotel in downtown Vancouver, it is likely that you can walk between your hotel and the conference site, which is safe to do so. Or, you can take a short taxi ride. Public transit is also available (about $2.50 each way).

If you are staying outside of downtown Vancouver, you may wish to drive, take transit, or take a taxi.

Using the public transit. If you plan to take public transit to get around Vancouver, you can get detailed bus information by visiting the public transit Trip Planner Web page and filling in the appropriate source (where you're staying) and the destination "Georgia and Cardero" for the Westin Bayshore hotel. Add the desired date and time, and you'll get one or more options presented to you. (Examples are below.)

UBC guests. If you are staying at the University of British Columbia guest rooms, then you can get to the conference site using public transit (about $2.50 each way), or by taxi (about $30 each way). If you wish to use public transit, visit the public transit Trip Planner Web page and specify "UBC Loop" for the source and "Georgia and Cardero" for the destination. You may be prompted for more precise information, in which case you can select UBC Loop (and then click on Next Step). Depending on the date and time, you may get several options. Click on "Detail" to get more detailed trip information. For example, at the time of writing, one way of getting to the conference site is to take the (frequently-running) #99 bus, and transfer at the intersection of Broadway and MacDonald streets to the (frequently-running) northbound #22 bus, which will take you to the intersection of Burrard and Georgia streets. From there, it is about a 0.75 km (0.5 mile) walk westbound on Georgia Street to get to Cardero Street (and one block north is the Westin Bayshore). If you don't want to walk that far (but it's probably simplest and fastest to walk), take the #5 westbound bus at Robson & Burrard to the downtown intersection of Denman and Robson. Then, walk north one block, east one block, and north one block, and you'll be at the Westin Bayshore.

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